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Walid for import & Export Co. is an Egyptian company located at Dakhlia Deliver & distribution simple Robust ,competitively superior & innovative products to The Egyptian consumers enabling their long lasting satisfaction.

Walid for import & export was established to provide safe &effective medical products for Health care professionals in Egypt & other Arab countries with Excellent product quality. Our products have been imported from different countries like Germany.

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We have excellent experience in medical and instrument products and cosmetics products


Always adhere to the quality first priority


Providing safe and innovative products for health care professionals

Insujet medical

High quality, globally employable and innovative disposable medical products as well as our long-standing experience permit targeted client orientation and continued expansion of the product range. The company is able to meet your requirements promptly and effectively.


Surgical gloves

Sterile, Latex Made, Powdered, Smooth surface.
Size: 6.5-7-7.5-8.
Quality Complying with ISO 10282 With CE 0120.
Made in Malaysia.

Examination gloves
[ latex & nitrile gloves ]

These gloves are suitable for all medical & Non medical applications and are made of Natural rubber [ latex ] or nitrile.
General specs: Powder free.
Different colors. Made in Malaysia.

Packing: 100 gloves to a dispenser box 10 dispenser boxes to one carton

Vinyl gloves

Disposable Vinly Gloves
General specs: available in clear colour.
Powder free.

Packaging: Normally 100 gloves/box, 10 boxes/carton. For more information contact us.


Commitment to bring new innovative products to the Egyptian market with excellent quality

We have investigated way to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our operational support function in Egypt

Our business in Egypt and other Arab countries will develop and implements a company

Wide service delivery model to support our business in the medical products & establishing strong Relationship with trade, thanks to all supports from our valued partners.

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Address: Mahlat Domina, Dekhlia, Egypt.

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